Installing the Sani-Slat Poultry flooring

  • Note the jig used in assembly for the frames is very squared up, detailed, for a close tolerance with the slat.

  • It is then turned over where the gussets, stops, and trays are added.

  • The trays are used to hold screws.

  • The stops and gussets are used to align the building of the next slat.

  • The first step: the lumber is laid on to the jig. Then the headers are attached to the runners.

  • The second step: the 7 Sani-Slats are set. The first slat should be set square to one end. Then all the others will align.

  • Then, place 6 screws for each slat. The tabs are used to align all the Sani-Slats.

  • Installation Time: The wood and plastic assembly with 2 people working should take approximately 3 minutes per slat.